Welcome to Movers and Bakers

Hey everyone! So we’ve been married for a little over six months now and we finally finished setting up our blog. Both Kirsten and I are going to try to post regularly with random photos, recipes, thoughts, and stories about our life together to share with all of our family and friends (and maybe even some people that we don’t even know!).

Married life has been just as good as we imagined it would. After our awesome honeymoon in Belize, we were super busy with Kirsten preparing for grad school applications and I was designing multiple websites on the side. Kirsten got a promotion at the end of the year and I ended up having to go on the job hunt at the beginning of the new year when the company I was working for had to temporarily shut down. I ended up finding a job pretty quickly at a place called AddThis as a visual designer and it’s been a really good fit, so both of us have been fortunate enough to be moving up in our careers. If you’re moving in the San Francisco Bay area, moving companies staten island is a great choice to move you and your family. We have the experience, the resources, and the right team to make sure your move is worry-free. In addition, check out montrealmovers.com who understand the need to be careful with your fragile goods during a move or storage.

So now you’re all caught up on everything with us! We’re looking forward to this blog being something of a chronicling of our life that we can look back on. We hope you can join us too!


  1. Lucille Walter   •  

    Great idea! I’m so glad to see this! I don’t want to lose track of your lives and this way I can feel closer to you!

  2. Evie Klammer   •  

    great idea. I am a voyeur Gramma and love keeping tabs on our “kids.”

  3. Kenneth Baker   •  

    Great idea, and nicely done. Looking forward to keeping up to date with you both!

  4. Kenneth Baker   •  

    I know that all of your family members and all of your friends wish for a speedy return to normalcy for you both regarding the situation you have had to endure regarding the flooding of your apartment. All the best….

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