Photo Session: Andy & Cassy

It’s only been three months since these photos were taken of our friends Andy and Cassy! I’m so fast at editing and posting photos…

Around the time the cherry blossoms were in peak bloom, we all went down to the tidal basin in D.C. to do a little photo session after work and I think these turned out nicely! But next time I’m going to try to be more cognizant of the poses that I ask people to do for these portraits, by which I mean I’ll have them do more than a variation on the same one… I gotta get some poses like both walking holding hands, looking at each other, both looking down—stuff like that! I’m still learning here, guys…

Thanks to Andy and Cassy for being great photo subjects!


  1. Tammy   •  

    What nice pictures!

  2. Cassidy   •  

    Those look great! I agree with you about more angles and poses, but what you did do look awesome! Great lighting too!

  3. Evie   •  

    Specially like #7.

  4. Michael Baker   •     Author

    Thanks, everyone!

    @Cassidy Yeah, the light turned out really well—it was actually really overcast, so that always makes for nice lighting if you can avoid the sky being in the shot.

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