Grad School at George Washington University

After approximately three years of saying that I should probably go to grad school at some point, I’m excited to say that I’ll be starting this fall as part of the Global Communication program at George Washington University! (Ben Franklin the cat is also pretty happy about that.)

I plan to specialize in the field of public diplomacy, or the government’s outreach and engagement efforts with foreign publics. If Mike and I ever end up joining the Foreign Service, public diplomacy is one of the five generalist career tracks and the one that I would try for. Otherwise, there are domestic positions at the State Department doing similar work. GW has an Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication, and I recognized some of the faculty names from writing my senior thesis on similar topics, so I think it’s a pretty good fit for my interests. I’m really looking forward to it!

The part that might be challenging is that for various reasons, I’ll have to enroll in the program as a full-time student. I also don’t want to leave my current job, so I will continue to work full-time as well. Doing both work and school full-time is probably even more work than I imagine it will be, and I probably don’t realize what I’m getting myself into yet. Luckily, I won the lottery when I married Mike, who is just about as supportive as they come – I’m lucky I’ll have him to help us get through all of it! We’re enjoying spending as much time relaxing and doing nothing together as we can before this fall.


  1. Mom   •  

    Congratulations! I know you’ll do well even with two full-time jobs. It sounds like what you did as an undergrad. 🙂
    GW is lucky to have you. (Glad to see Ben Franklin).

  2. Grandma W   •  

    We’re happy you can continue in your education and agree that you’re very lucky to have Mike. You can’t do something like this without a supportive spouse!

  3. Evie Klammer   •  

    Wow, full time while working full time. That is ambitious. Go girl!

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