4th of July

4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays – right at the height of summer when the grilling is in full swing, there’s a day off work to spend some extra time with family and friends, and the festivities usually end with some pretty awesome fireworks. That’s hard to beat, I think!

Since the 4th was on a Saturday this year, Mike, Natalie, and I all had Friday off. We have taken full advantage of the long weekend to relax and recharge, and it’s been great. Friday we spent some time at the pool, and today has been spent lounging around the house, reading and catching up on some little things.

Yesterday, on the actual holiday, it was pretty rainy all day. We were able to take advantage of a break in the weather and headed outside for some grilling (and pictures). The rain kind of squashed our idea of heading down to the National Mall to watch the fireworks. Mike and I went in 2013 and sat right on the front steps of the Lincoln Memorial. It was a great view and really memorable, and we were hoping to do something similar with Natalie since she’s out here visiting during the summer. However, you have to get there pretty early to get any sort of spot, and it’s one thing to do that when it’s hot out and you can bring popsicles and a picnic, and another to sit out for hours in the rain and mud. So we ended up watching the fireworks from the Iwo Jima memorial in Arlington – it ended up being a great view, and being a less popular destination than downtown, we were able to get there later and didn’t have to sit and wait for hours. I think we’ll probably start going there from now on!

We had a great day! Somehow, though, the summer always seems to fly by after the 4th comes and goes – we still have a few more adventures we want to fit in, and it’s been lots of fun for the three of us to be able to do so many things together.

Happy 4th of July!
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  1. Evie   •  

    Was great talking to you. Love the pictures. Nat with that dress hairstyle and bright red lipstick you have a great 1940’s retro look. Enjoy your summer and your time together.

  2. Tammy   •  

    Wow- what great pictures of everyone! (And what a fun time).
    Mom, I was just trying to think of who Natalie reminded me of in the way she was looking etc. and I realize that it’s an old picture of you that I’ve seen. You should post it (maybe you don’t know which one I’m talking about?).

  3. Lucille Walter   •  

    Great photos! And I loved hearing about your 4th. Ours was pretty boring. We just have to keep the dogs sane during our neighbors’ fireworks.

  4. Frank Walter   •  

    Great Pictures!! Everyone looks great!! Good to “see and talk” to you today.

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